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Your Story

Stories. We've all got a story of how running or walking has impacted our lives. These stories can motivate, inspire and change the lives of others. If you'd like to share your story, please send an email to with the following info.

  1. Name, email, and city
  2. Key message of your story (weight loss, mental feat, charity/cause, health, injury, performance/PR, stress relief, teamwork)
  3. A short message describing your story and a photo and/or video if available

I understand that by submitting my story, text, files, images, video, and/or photos, I am granting Lake Region Run the right to use, reproduce, distribute, adapt, perform and prepare derivative works of the story.


"I am running the race for myself. I am always challenging myself to be better and faster than previous years." —Alisha


"I am running in honor of my aunt, Kris Huemoeller, who is currently under going cancer treatment in Fergus falls. One of her daughters, Teri Axness, is an RN at Lake Region Hospital and is also running. Tami Huemoeller, another daughter, is also running. We are called KRISTeam. There will be a large group of runners and walkers for this event. We special ordered t-shirts; 86 people bought. Not all will walk or run but it's a family honoring one special person." —Karen

Mallory S.

"I am running to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. My daughter Taitym has been rockin her extra chromosome since 2012 and what better way to raise awareness then a good run! We run for acceptance and to teach the world that different is beautiful! There is no DIS in my daughter's ability! This is our 3rd year participating and Taityms crew is looking forward to a great day!" —Mallory S. AKA Taityms Mommy

Tammy G.

"My name us Tammy Guderian. My beautiful Anishinaabe Grandfather was a 6 time trophy winner from 1938-1941 at Flandreau Indian school in South Dakota. He was and still is my Hero! I'm doing this in honor of my Grandfather. 'I will soar with the Eagles for you'. I am a first time runner, or at least since Jr. High. I don't expect to impress, just honor my Hero." —Tammy Guderian

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